Monday, September 28, 2009

The Streets of Chiclayo

The small business is the heart and soul of Chiclayo. Anything you need is available at one of these shops, and generally at a lower price than at the new shopping malls. They also provide conversation. Chiclayo claims the title of the friendship city and in my experience that label is well deserved. All you have to do is make the first move and these people will open up to you like a long-lost relative. It’s normal to spend 15 to 20 minutes talking while making a 30 cent or less purchase.

The dimensions of the average shop are less than your living room, and often the size of a bathroom. That holds true for some restaurants, furniture stores and service shops as well. I actually look forward to walking the streets and browsing. Yes, we get bumped into often and the roar of people talking and taxis blowing their horns is difficult to ignore, and Maribel will meet 50 friends we have to stop and talk to, but to me the experience is worth it.

These photos were taken yesterday. Because of limitations with blogspot we’re limited to the amount of photos per post. They don’t nearly include every type of business nor do they show the street vendors, but I hope they give you a feel for a walk on Chiclayo’s business streets.

We will be posting other photos for a more complete view of the city when we return from a brief visit to the States. Enjoy.

Tom & Maribel

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