Saturday, March 13, 2010

I knew Chiclayo was growing…..

…and have mentioned it in several posts, but I had no idea that Chiclayo and Arequipa to the south are the two fasting growing cities in all of Latin America according to statements made in a recent interview given by David Ramos, Peru’s Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction.

That point was driven home today in the auditorium of Chiclayo’s Universidad Catòlica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo. At a sales and marketing seminar keynote speaker Nano Guerra-Garcia from Lima combined the presentation style of a circus tent evangelist with the message of a high level business executive to hold the attention of over four hundred business and tourism industry people.

The guy is good. I’m told he is a lawyer, business man, has a weekly television and radio show plus does motivational speaking on a regular basis. He began this seminar with a minute or two of general ice breaker chit-chat. He then had two musical notes played over the sound system, and asked if anyone recognized them. Several people shouted out “theme from the Godfather”, which was correct, and led to a half-hour lecture on brand recognition. Pretty crafty. He went on to talk about the need for paradigm changes – a term I thought I left behind me years ago in some forgotten boardroom, and plans for growing a business. He finished with a fifteen minute question/answer segment, and based on the reaction of the audience the questions and answers were well thought out.

Nano kept the attention of an audience of four hundred note-taking professional type people for over two hours without a break. It seemed to me the attendees were well satisfied and certainly got their monies worth (no admission charge). Next week Maribel and I have our second English class with the police, and then travel to Monsefù for an introductory English class for artisans and city officials. I may ‘borrow’ some of Nano’s stuff to juice up the dry process of learning a language. If it works out I’ll tell you about it. If not…


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