Sunday, April 17, 2011

Human folly and a school closing

Pedro Ruiz Gallo is the name of the National University in Lambayeque. It has a reputation of providing a quality education in all fields including medicine. The problem is that classes are often disrupted by protesting students, teachers, maintenance workers, administrative staff, etc. It is a serious problem.

This space is where the Chiclayo extension of the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University was located until recently. It’s on Balta Avenue next to Elecktra and has been there for 4 years. The staff of the extension, including the director, sub-director and teachers is hired by the director of education at the Lambayeque facility. The school hadn’t done anything during its short existence to attract attention out of the ordinary until the middle of last year when it made national news concerning protesting students who voiced the opinion that the director was too authoritative. Students supporting the director held counter protests. The director was interviewed by news stations and claimed that the sub-director wanted his job and was stirring up the students and parents. The sub-director denied the allegations and claimed the director was incompetent. The director of education in Lambayeque apparently took a hands-off position, hoping the situation would work itself out. It didn’t and after a period of escalating squabbling what apparently happened is that the university, instead of replacing the director or sub-director or both decided instead to close the school.

I don’t know if Chiclayo needed the Pedro Ruiz Gallo school. My guess is probably not, though the out of work employees would certainly disagree. What I do know is that in Chiclayo’s flourishing economy buildings in the metro area don’t sit vacant for long. They’re quickly remodeled or demolished to make way for some new enterprise. Perhaps the students who were formerly educated in this location will instead be able to buy a cheap jewelry item, or gaze in a window at the latest clothing fashion. I hope it’s not a restaurant. We don’t need another restaurant.


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