Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moving Day…

For whatever reason, you’ve decided it’s time to move. Maybe you need a bigger/smaller place, or can’t handle the stairs anymore to the upper level, or want to be closer to school or family. Or maybe you just want a change of scenery. Chances are that learning of an available house/apartment is what prompted you to relocate. Chances are also good that you’re not moving very far…probably not more than twelve blocks from your present location and usually less.

Moving ‘day’ is really a misnomer. Moving will have begun days in advance, with friends and family members casually hand-carrying items to the new location as time permits and when they’re in the area. A casual observer wouldn’t even notice a ‘move’ was taking place until the day comes to move the big stuff.

And how do you get your big stuff moved? If the new and old locations are close enough, say within three blocks, it could be on the backs of family members on foot. If the distance is too great or you’re lacking in strong-backed family members, you could call a moving company….well, a moving company of sorts. You’re not going to get a humongous van with hydraulic ramps and six bonded professional uniformed men equipped with dollies and tape and boxes and padding material to safe guard your heirlooms. Not here in Chiclayo you’re not. What you’ll get are two guys who own or have borrowed a vintage truck and who have no concept or interest in getting your furniture to its new home undamaged. But most people don’t use them anyway.

Most people know of a relative or family friend who owns a truck who would make the truck available at a reasonable price. This is less expensive than a moving company but has its drawbacks. The truck is usually decrepit and small which could mean many trips, and also will probably result in furniture damage.

The least expensive option, and probably the easiest on your belongings, is to contract with several moto taxies. They don’t normally do this – their main business it to transport people, but if it’s attractive enough financially they’ll take the job. These guys can pack a surprising amount of stuff in and on their motos. Plus it’s in their interest to handle your stuff carefully because they see and transport you every day.

These three motos made three trips with about 40 minutes in between, which means our former neighbor didn’t move very far. We’re wondering who our new neighbors will be. I hope they don’t have chickens.


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