Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You Ready for some Football?!!!

The Chiclayo Peru chapter of the Green Bay Packers fan club was ready last night. We had plenty of beer, pizza and snacks and were geared up to celebrate the Pack’s victory over the Seahawks. And the Packers did win, but unfortunately the replacement referees, continuing their ongoing on-field imitation of a Three Stooges comedy skit as they have done throughout this young football season, gave the game to the Seahawks. To my knowledge the Seahawk quarterback is the first quarterback in NFL history to throw a game-winning interception.  

The furor being expressed today by players, coaches, television commentators, sports writers and everyone else knowledgeable about football (with the exception of Seahawk players and fans of course) will probably have no effect. The proper thing to do would be to declare the game a Packer win, or at least proclaim the game null and void and reschedule it.  Neither will happen. Instead a statement will be issued by the league office couched in hollow sounding weasel words about the “replay being unclear”…”possible dual possession”…”replacement referees are trying hard”…etc. Yeah.

To NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the referees union, we football fans in Chiclayo have a message for you……..

                 GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!

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