Sunday, January 6, 2013

Promesa Peru 2012 Financial Report

During calendar year 2012 Promesa Peru sponsored three activities. In February we donated school supplies to the village of Tierras Blancas. July found us in Zapotal, also providing school supplies. In December we sponsored a Chocolatada in Puerto Arturo.

The financial side of those activities is as follows:

Activity                                                     Cost               Donations

Tierras Blancas school supplies -               $308.18         $178.46

Zapotal school supplies -                           $161.91*        $0.00

Puerto Arturo chocolatada -                       $267.46         $150.00

                                   2012 Totals -          $737.55         $328.46
                                   2011 Totals -          $924.53         $362.24         

The cost figures represent purchased goods and services directly attributed to the specific activities, and do not reflect out of pocket or administrative expenses borne by board members.

The lower total activity cost for the year…$737.55 versus $924.53 in 2011is due to operating closer to our base in Chiclayo thus reducing transportation cost; selecting schools with smaller enrollments, and providing fewer and less expensive toys and school supplies - the later being a case of economic necessity rather than choice. Prices for goods and services have increased from 20 to 30% over 2011while the value of the US dollar has dropped to a December low of 2.55 against the Peruvian Sol. There were no in-kind donations in 2012.

Our thanks to those of you who helped us to help the poor of Peru. We hope we can count on your continued support in 2013.

* Transportation costs not included – allocated to personal expense
Joyce Ann Cline – Treasurer
Promesa Peru Inc.

Rosario Maribel Mestar Macalupu de Filipowicz - Treasurer
Promesa Peru Chiclayo

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