Saturday, September 21, 2013

La Casona De La Abuelita

Question - where in Chiclayo can you get a generous slice of delicious German chocolate cake and a mug (yes, I said a mug) of good strong coffee with free refills for 3 soles ($1.08) and at the same time help to teach a trade to kids and keep them off the streets? The answer is La Casona De La Abuelita…a recently opened restaurant located in the Boulevard shopping mall patio.

Bill Lipman and his wife Beatrice (not in the photo) are the driving forces behind the restaurant and a bakery located in Pimentel that produces the restaurant’s products. We’ve known them for several years and though we’ve not visited their bakery (the ovens fire up at 5:00am…I don’t do 5:00am) we know that Bill has been unwavering in his mission to help the poor by teaching a trade. And not only a trade, but by working at the bakery the kids also learn about business and responsibility. Bill doesn’t do free handouts. I suspect he is a kind but stern taskmaster and these kids work for anything they get.

Proceeds from restaurant sales are used to support the bakery operation. There is a lot more information available on Face book.

Here’s a suggestion…if you plan on eating at one of the restaurants in the Real Plaza mall; KFC, Pardos, Rustica, Pizza Hut, McDonalds or the recently opened Chili’s, save some room for coffee and dessert. Starbucks is close to these restaurants. Don’t go there. La Casona De La Abuelita is just two blocks away and the pastry and coffee are ten…no, make that twenty times better than Starbucks. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll be doing some kids, your taste buds and wallet a favor. Bon App├Ętit!

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