Thursday, February 6, 2014

Promesa Peru 2013 Financial Report

During the year 2013 Promesa Peru was involved in three activities. In April we donated a dry-erase board to the school in the village of Casa de Madera. Also in April we provided food to the Edith Fuentes family and assisted her with legal costs. In October we were at the village of La Raya trying to determine how best to help the family of Luzmila Valdera. Our attempt to raise money for a replacement house fell short but we were able to provide clothing for her and her daughters, and $210 in cash to purchase household items. We also provided donated medicines to the La Raya medical clinic.   

The financial figures are:

Activity                                           Cost               Donations

Casa de Madera                             $66.00           $0.00

Edith Fuentes family                       $308.00*        $308.00

Luzmila Valdera family                    $210.00         $210.00

                                Totals -           $584.00         $518.00

* includes $47.69 in cash given to Edith

In-kind donations in the form of medicines and used clothing - all distributed in La Raya amounted to an estimated $225.

Maribel Filipowicz – Treasurer Promesa Peru Chiclayo 

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