Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Promesa Peru 2014 Financial Report

During the year 2014 Promesa Peru took part in eleven activities*. They were:

Month/Activity                                                                               Expense    

May - El Faicalito pronoei equipment                                   $153.78

May – San Miguel pronoei equipment                                         51.99

June – Eureka pronoei uniforms/school supplies            1097.43

July – San Miguel library equipment                                        655.24

September - Tùcume Viejo primary school equipment     461.89

September – Payesa primary school equipment                  208.87

September – Payesa pronoei school equipment                   412.38

October – El Pavo pronoei school equipment                       378.14

December – San Bernardino chocolatada                                 554.51

December – El Pavo chocolatada                                                 102.66

December – Pinglo Santa Maria family                                      154.95
                                                             Total expense                     $4249.84

Donation information

Source                                                                                                  Amount

Public donations                                                                          $3848.37

Promesa Peru board member donations                                 543.68
                                                           Total donations                  $4392.05

                                                           Balance                                     $142.21

In- kind donations in the form of candy, cookies and used clothing distributed in Payesa and San Bernardino amounted to an estimated $400.

As always our focus this year was on education. We furnished classroom equipment including teaching aids, whiteboards, shelves, tables and chairs to eight schools. We provided school supply kits and uniforms to individual students and at Eureka to the entire class of 58 students. 

Thanks from all of us to those who made 2014 so successful. We hope we can count on your continued support in 2015.

* We also participated in a Special Education celebration in October however our involvement and financial contribution was not significant.

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