Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Pronoei at Conchucos is alive and well

We were at Conchucos this morning to deliver the uniforms we had promised to the pronoei director Fanny for her fifteen students. The kids came up with an entertaining ceremony as the clothing was being distributed. They loudly chanted the name of the next child in line to receive their clothing, and cheered when the child was dressed.

The uniforms fit perfectly with a little room for another year or two of wear with care. Two of the fifteen students were absent and will get their uniforms tomorrow. Fanny has three more students we did not have uniforms for because they were not registered when we last visited. We need to order uniforms in minimum quantities of fifteen so we can’t do anything about those three students now, but will remember them if we order uniforms for another school. The good news is that those additional three are there because the school is once again providing a solid learning environment.

Just a few months ago this school had nothing. Nearly everything in this photo...the new chairs, tables, pencils, notebooks, erasers, schoolbags and even the clothing the kids are wearing were supplied by donors to Promesa Peru. Without those donations it is very possible that the school would no longer exist. Chris R, Clifton B, Graham T, Amy B, the Alice Cool Foundation and others, please accept our thanks and the thanks of the people of the village of Conchucos.

We hope to be back in Conchucos next week with the tee-shirts for the primary school. We’re curious to see how many of those thirty-five registered students are attending classes.


  1. Any coincidence those unis are Green Bay Packer colors?

    1. We’re exploring the possibility of completing those uniforms with ‘cheese head’ hats :)