Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Great Finish to the Las Salinas Project

During our first visit to Las Salinas the attitude was friendly but subdued. We were expecting the same this morning when we delivered the promised items to the pronoei Copitos de Amor, but that was anything but the case.  

All of the students, the director Karina Suyon and about twelve mothers were there to greet us. Based on the warmth of the welcome you would have thought we were giving them a million dollars instead of ten chairs, two tables and  two storage shelves… a very modest donation. Magaly Riojas, the president of the parent’s association made a brief speech that impressed us. She said, “We had students sitting on the floor. We went to the municipal authorities and were told there was no money for us. We went to merchants asking for donations but again were refused. We learned about Promesa Peru from a teacher in another village and invited you to visit. You came, said you would help us and you kept your promise. Thank you.” That means a lot to us.

Something else that means a lot to us is the eighty-five pounds of organically grown fresh food we were given to take home with us. We were told that thirty families had contributed to this bounty. We sincerely wish we could share it with those who made this project possible, but since we can’t do that we promise to think of you during meals. J 
What we can share with you is the thanks we received on your behalf from Karina Suyon of the pronoei Copitos de Amor  and the villagers of Las Salinas. Thank you to Chris R, the Alice Cool Foundation, Joyce C, and others.


  1. Tom, Congratulations on another successful project. It's great to see that kind of enthusiasm and appreciation!!!! Enjoy the fresh food!!


  2. Thanks Marc - Las Salinas was one of those 'feel good' projects that inspires us to continue. The primary school there recently invited us to visit so we'll probably be going back.