Monday, August 24, 2015

An Interesting Morning in Los Reynoza

We assumed that out visit to Los Reynoza this morning to drop off two storage shelves and uniforms would be an in-and-out proposition but that wasn’t the case.

The uniforms fit perfectly, much to the satisfaction of the kids, mothers and teachers. The school has a field trip planned for tomorrow at the Tùcume museum and the school director, Fulgencia Lizana told us that the kids would be wearing their new uniforms.  It’s too bad we can’t be there. We know the kids wear their uniforms for school activities outside of the classroom but we’ve never seen it.

We were happy to see that the gas cooking stove and kitchen equipment we donated last month has triggered a larger project. An unused classroom is being converted into a kitchen/cafeteria. A carpenter has begun work and will soon install shelves for the pots, pans, plates and cups we donated and prepare a safe area for the stove. We were concerned about how the village would pay for cooking gas, but thanks to an unsolicited but much appreciated additional donation by the Alice Cool Foundation we were able to present a cash gift to the village authorities that will enable them to purchase the propane gas bottle and enough gas to last from 6 to 9 months according to the teachers. With the money given them today a delegation of parents will go to Tùcume this week to buy the gas bottle.

The cost for this project was:
Kitchen equipment (stove, pots, pans, plates & cups) - $119.42
Uniforms (25) - $493.63
Storage shelves - $50.96
Gas for the cooking stove - $76.43
Transport - $56.04
For a total of $796.48

In our view this is money well spent. It will help to keep the kids in school, and the new kitchen/cafeteria will provide a healthier environment as well as adding more classroom time.

It was evident that the village women and the students had put a lot of thought and time into their desire to show their appreciation for the things we had given them. There were many hand-made signs showing some pretty impressive creativity and skill.

The women had prepared a delicious lunch of fresh fish, sweet potatoes, peas and corn. After lunch we were presented with three beautiful ornamental table towels. The photo doesn’t do justice to the detail or vivid colors.

Some months ago I broke a lamp on a night stand and haven’t yet gotten around to replacing it. The folks at Los Reynozas didn’t know that but thanks to them I don’t have to. The base of the lamp is made from two gourds: the shade from sheets of bamboo.

We appreciated these gifts but what meant more to us were the individual hand-made envelopes with letters enclosed from each student. All of the letters thanked us for the kitchen equipment and uniforms. Most of them promised to take good care of the uniforms. This letter from Ever went further and was touching. We will keep all of them.

The folks of Los Reynoza showed a sincere appreciation for what they were given and we in turn would like to do the same. We thank Chris R., Clif Brown, the Alice Cool Foundation and others for helping the people of Los Reynoza. Without you it doesn’t happen.

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  1. Tom, what another great success story for Promesa Peru. I also appreciated seeing the community step up and take the initiative to complete the Kitchen/Cafeteria.

    Thanks for all the work you and Maribel do.