Monday, September 21, 2015

It was sort of like a Holiday in Sapamè…

…at least that’s what it felt like when we arrived at the village this morning. Some of the older kids began unloading the things we’d brought – a stove, pots, storage shelves, cups and plates before we even stepped out of the mototaxi.

I don’t know if it was the change in their school day, the excitement in the air or what but we’ve never seen kids so excited about non-toy things before. There were oohs and aahs as each item was unwrapped and not just from the kids.

Parents didn’t waste any time in tackling the job of assembling the six storage shelves. The first one was difficult as they couldn’t agree on the spacing of the shelves but once that was decided the rest went quickly with teachers and kids helping. 

The village women had prepared a delicious lunch of rice with duck. The kids usually eat lunch at home but today they all ate at the school and used their new cups and plates. With the new stove eating at school will become the norm.

What we didn’t take with us was the tables and chairs the director Alcira Romero had requested, because we had previously agreed that Alcira would take responsibility for contacting a carpenter friend to hopefully get a discounted price. She will do that soon and let us know what she learns.

Once again we need to thank Chris R., the Alice Cool Foundation and Clif Brown for helping the people of Sapamè and other villages. You folks have accomplished quite a lot in the Tùcume District.

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