Friday, December 4, 2015

A Nice Finish to a Good Year

The chocolatada this morning at the primary school in Los Reynoza was well planned. School director Fulgencia Lizana, her staff and mothers of the students had put a lot of effort into organizing the event. Decorations, chairs and tables, CD player and other things were all in place when we arrived. Mothers had started cooking early in the morning so lunch would be ready when it was needed. All of that preparation is the reason why the chocolatada went off without a hitch.

Fulgencia started the day with an inspiring speech. She talked about the effort the kids had shown and their progress during the year. She mentioned the work of the parent’s association in keeping the school in good condition. She thanked her staff and Chiara, a young woman from Germany who has been assisting since last July. But most importantly she talked about the value of education and how the kids need to keep focused. Lastly she singled out the six boys who were graduating and going to secondary school in Tùcume. Today would be their final involvement with this school.

Following Fulgencia’s speech one of the graduating boys took the microphone and said he loved this school and the teachers and was sad to leave. He thanked Promesa Peru for the help we had given the school and finished by saying, “I am leaving but I hope you will still watch over this school.”

Koko Roco the clown was a big hit with the kids and parents. Unlike the younger pronoei kids Wednesday at Las Salinas they were not afraid of him and were eager to be a part of his games. As usual he did a great job of involving kids and parents.
When the clown had finished it was time to eat. This is the traditional chocolatada meal, consisting of hot chocolate, paneton (sweetbread), chicken and an empanada. The parents association provided the hot chocolate, chicken and empanadas. We supplied the paneton, and on a previous visit the plates, cups, uniforms and the gas stove the chicken was cooked on.

Following the meal and clean-up the last thing on the agendas was to give the toys to the kids. We and the teachers were in a classroom determining which kid would get which toy, and you wouldn’t believe the number of excuses those kids came up with to try to get into the room to see the toys. As much as they enjoyed the clown, getting their toys was the highlight for the kids. And seeing the expressions on their faces, it’s probably the highlight for us too.
This will be Promesa Peru’s last activity for 2015. It was a great way to finish the year. Out thanks to Chris Raupe, Clif Brown and others who made this chocolatada one that will be remembered for a long time.

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