Saturday, January 2, 2016

Promesa Peru 2015 Financial Report

During the year 2015 Promesa Peru took part in thirteen activities. They were:

Month/Activity                                                                              Cost   

February – Pinglo family school supplies                             $36.88

April – Conchucos pronoei school equipment                    662.95

April – Conchucos primary school equipment                   553.97

June – Santos Vera pronoei equipment                                 208.60

July – Las Salinas pronoei school equipment                      147.45

July – Los Riojas pronoei school equipment                       354.42

July – Los Riojas primary school equipment                       552.87

August – Los Reynoza primary school equipment            796.48

September – Sapamè primary school equipment              364.47

September – Las Salinas primary school equipment        145.54

October – La Raya primary school anniversary                 126.04

December - Las Salinas chocolatada                                        259.43

December – Los Reynoza chocolatada                                   310.35

                                                            Total cost      $4519.45

Donation information

Source                                                                                           Amount

Public donations                                                                         $4682.81

Promesa Peru board member donations                              200.00
                                                           Total donations                 $4882.81

                                                           Beginning balance                 142.21

                                                           Total cost                                4519.45

                                            Ending balance                $505.57

The ending balance is largely comprised of donations made toward the Posope Alto pronoei project that was postponed to March of 2016.

In-kind donations amounted to less than $100 consisting of food and clothing given to the Maria Idrogo family.

Our thanks to those who contributed to a successful 2015. We hope we can count on your support for what looks to be a very busy 2016.


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