Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moyocupe…the village at the end of the road

There can’t be more than ten families living in this peaceful little village. It’s located in the fringe of a dry forest on the southern border of Bosque de Pomac; an extensive nature sanctuary. The road really does stop here, at a chained gate. Unlike a gated community in the USA you don’t need a key or code to enter. All you need to do is lift the chain over the post, but be sure to put it back when you’re inside.

Other than birds there is no sound…dry forests are like that. Women are inside their houses doing what village women do, while the men (and some women) are working in fields that someone else owns. Corn and sweet potatoes are the main crops. They’ll return to the village for lunch at 1:00 pm. The few buildings in Moyocupe are private homes, the two exceptions being a community kitchen and the pronoei Semilliitas de Saber.

Lucy Lopez has been the teacher since the school opened two years ago. She is a somewhat shy 20 year old who is well liked by the kids and respected by the parents. Lucy phoned us after hearing about Promesa Peru from several teachers at a recent conference. The community owns the lot and the building on it. They have been unable to furnish the classroom. Three benches that serve for storage belong to the community kitchen and need to be returned to the kitchen every Friday, then brought back to the school Monday morning. A plaster chalkboard is pitted and cracked. Lucy has two tables and eight chairs for her 14 students. She would like four tables and six chairs, two storage shelves and a whiteboard.

The school is in good repair inside and out. Lucy and the parents have a sincere interest in the kid’s education. We’d like to help the folks of Moyocupe to properly equipment their classroom. We estimate the cost would be:

Four tables - $145
Six chairs - $82
Two storage shelves - $50
One whiteboard - $45
Transport and Misc. - $35
Total - $357

Please help us with this project by making a donation of any amount at the Promesa Peru webpage. Thank you.

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