Friday, June 17, 2016

Come See the Village of Alto Peru

It doesn’t look like a typical Lambayeque Region desert village. It more resembles the scattered jungle villages Maribel and I had seen some years ago near Iquitos on a tributary of the Amazon River. There isn’t much here other than a few houses, some livestock pens and a pronoei (on the right).

Six months ago the pronoei Los Niños y Su Mundo didn’t exist. The kids were walking two miles north to the larger village of Los Bances. In January the parent’s association was notified that there was no room for their kids in Los Bances for the coming school term. At a hastily called meeting of the Alto Peru parent's association an unused room attached to a private house was offered for a classroom. Calling it a room is probably too generous – ‘space’ would be more appropriate. The walls are crumbling and the roof had long since disappeared. 

The members of the parent’s association who met us there this morning were eager to show us the painting they had done and the roof they had erected last month. It’s only a sheet of galvanized metal resting on bamboo crossbeams and doesn’t cover the entire opening, but they were rightfully proud of their accomplishments.

Karina Chaponan has seven years of pronoei teaching experience. She has 14 students this term and will have 3 more next year. The hodgepodge furnishings are borrowed from the villagers. There has been discussion of locating an inexpensive lot to build a new pronoei on, but it’s likely that is just a dream that will probably never happen.

Karina and the parent’s association asked for 3 tables and 4 chairs…nothing more.  Alto Peru is the kind of situation we look for. It’s a poor village, the need is obvious, the teacher is qualified and caring, and the parent’s association has shown initiative.

What we hope to donate is:
4 tables - $144.97
4 chairs - 55.57
2 storage shelves – 48.32
1 whiteboard – 42.28
Transport – 25
Total - $316.14

If you’d like to contribute to the education of the kids in the village of Alto Peru please visit the Promesa Peru webpage. A donation of $14 will buy a chair - $36 will provide a table. We need your help. Thank you.

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