Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Village of Tabacal Project is completed

It was two weeks ago that we first visited the pronoei in Tabacal. We had expected to deliver the donated items a week ago but the carpenter who builds the chairs and tables told us he was having a problem locating dry lumber. This morning everything was ready to go.

We chartered a motocar in Tucume to transport the items four miles to the path leading to the village. Motocars are handy for hauling small to medium size loads and they’re not very expensive. Motocar owners usually do a brisk business.

It’s a 20 minute walk from the road to the village and the only way to transport anything is to carry it. The kids carried the chairs while the adults handled the tables, storage shelves and whiteboard.

The wood chairs are sort of heavy and the kids needed several rest stops though I think some of those stops were to make a game out of sitting in the field in their new chairs.

The cost of this project was:
3 tables - $109.89
8 chairs – 108.09
1 storage shelf – 38.16
1 whiteboard – 45.76
Markers & erasers – 6.11
Toys & candy – 19.82
Transport – 27.86
Total - $355.69

The final cost was $41 over our estimate. Most of that was for toys, candy and erasers that I forgot to budget for. Also, we were told by our supplier that the 3 shelf storage shelf is no longer available. We purchased a 5 shelf unit for $38.16 – a 56% increase over the previous model.

The toys and candy are something we recently decided to include when we donate to pronoeis. The kids like their new furniture but they get really excited over a simple toy and candy. Maribel and I are paying for those items. I show them in the cost figures only for a complete record of the project cost.

The pronoei in Tabacal was another worthwhile project. Chris Raupe, Johany Glen-Webster University, and the Alice Cool Foundation made it happen. Please accept our thanks and the thanks of the teacher and kids of the pronoei Joyitas de Cristo.

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