Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The chocolatadas for December are on target

Thanks to some recent donations the villages of El Carmen and Alto Peru will have their chocolatadas in December. We´ve purchased all of the toys, panetone and candy for both villages.  The only remaining expenses are entertainment and transport, which is about $200 total and we have most of that. In the hope that more donations will be coming we´d like to sponsor two additional mini-chocolatadas.
Last month we made a modest donation to the pronoei in Los Bances. At that time we refused the parent´s association request for a chocolatada. We have since learned that they have had no luck in getting donations and have given up on a chocolatada for this year. We´ve refused many chocolatada requests in recent months but of all of them Los Bances is one of the more deserving. Martha, the teacher has 14 students…7 boys and 7 girls. We´d like for those kids to have a good Christmas. We can do that by providing a box of panetone, some candy and inexpensive toys, all for about $75.

These are the kind of toys we´re talking about. The truck costs $2.05, the larger doll 1.95 and the smaller .89. They are not great toys but the kids will be very happy to get them. We won´t provide entertainment and there will be no transport cost because we´ll drop off the items on our way to the Alto Peru chocolatada on the same day.

The other mini-chocolatada we´d like to sponsor is right here in Chiclayo. The neighborhood of San Francisco, Campodonico is only 10 minutes from central Chiclayo but it might as well be on another planet. It is a drug-infested high crime area and it looks like it. Taxi drivers are reluctant to go there. The residents are very poor. The neighborhood qualifies for the government´s ´vaso de leche` (glass of milk) program.

Elizabeth (red blouse) has been in charge of the program for two years. Monday through Friday she gets up at 5:30 to receive the 50 liters of milk delivered by a local farmer contracted by the government. She had washed the large milk container the previous night. The 21 kids start arriving at about 7:00 am with a container for the milk brought from home. The milk is taken home and boiled, to be eaten with a modest breakfast. Often oats are added to the milk and that´s all there is for breakfast. Elizabeth would like the kids to have a Christmas party. So would we. Twenty one toys like those mentioned above will cost $40. Paneton and candy would be another $50. There will be no entertainment or transport cost.

For about $165 we can sponsor two mini-chocolatadas that will make December a little brighter for 35 kids and their parents. We´re determined to do that. We hope you can help us. If so please visit the Promesa Peru webpage. Thank you.

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