Friday, February 3, 2017

And the rain continues…

It is 6:00 am…the dawn of a new day, but a day that offers only hard work for many of Chiclayo’s residents. It rained again last night, much harder than the previous night. At 2:00 am the rain was so intense that visibility was limited. Neighbors fought to keep the rain out of their homes, but by 3:30 most of them had given up and gone to bed.

All that effort last night is why no one is on the street this morning. But soon they’ll be up and doing what they can to remove water from their houses. Yesterday the water in the street was at a mid-calf depth. This morning it is knee high.

Peru’s president flew into Chiclayo yesterday to inspect the flooded areas. He declared a state of emergency and ordered pumps to be placed where needed and any other assistance as required.

I mentioned yesterday that we had a man installing drain tubes to eliminate standing water on our roof. It worked like a charm. During the heaviest time of the rain I watched water gushing out of the tubes onto the street, and this morning our roof is dry.

Today we’re all hoping to see some of the government aid the president promised. But mostly people are hoping that there won’t be a third night of rain.


  1. Hi Tom,
    My thoughts are with you, Maribel and the people of Chiclayo. Do you have information on the total precipitation from the previous nights? I can only imagine the damage in some of the rural communities. Please keep us posted.


    1. Hi Marc,

      Thanks for the kind thoughts. I don't have anything official about the rainfall the past two nights. I can tell you that a pot on our roof that was empty Tuesday night now has 7 inches of water in it. Based on averages, that's about 28 years worth of rain for Chiclayo.