Friday, April 28, 2017

A Meeting in the Village of Cruce Sandoval

Occasionally during the school year pronoei teachers in each district will get together to talk about common interests and problems. The meeting is usually called and chaired by the district coordinator. Such a meeting took place this morning at the pronoei 'Mi Segundo Hogar' (my second home) in the village of Cruce Sandoval in the Mochumi District.

Patricia, bottom row left is the Mochumi District coordinator. Last year she was the coordinator for the Tucume District and was the primary reason we were so busy in that district. This year she has called on us to help the pronoeis in her new district. Standing next to Patricia is Carmen Salazar from the village of Carrizo Bajo. Donations for her school, and for the school of Esther Castro (bottom row extreme right) from Huaca Quemada should arrive the second week in May.

There are 13 pronoeis in the Mochumi District; a relatively small number given the many villages in the district. The other 11 teachers have invited us to visit their schools, which are scattered all over the district, and some quite a distance from the city of Mochumi. We will try to visit all of them over the next few months. It was also suggested that we meet with the mayor and his people to coordinate our efforts to help the pronoeis.

A few weeks ago we were sitting back twiddling our thumbs waiting for calls for help from the villages. Now we've already got more invitations than we can handle, and more will be coming. It happens that way every year.

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