Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Promesa Peru 2017 Financial Report

During the year 2017 Promesa Peru took part in nine activities. They were:

Month            Activity                                                                       Expense  

April             Los Bances pronoei                                                     $507.87

May              Carrizo Bajo pronoei                                                     538.14

May              Huaca Quemada pronoei                                              532.48

May              El Carrizo  pronoei                                                         61.12

June              La Carpa Casinelli pronoei                                          393.29

June              Magali training                                                               38.17

June              Huaca de Toro pronoei                                               490.00

July               Paredones San Juan                                                     920.00

November    El Cerezo pronoei                                                         788.65

December    Caspe pronoei*                                                                29.26

                                                           Total expenses                      $4,369.73

* - The Caspe pronoei is in the Monsefu District. There are 60 families living in Caspe, and only 9 students in the pronoei. The money donated by Promesa Peru contributed to the village's chocolatada, and also served to close our books in preparation for discontinuing our activities.


Source                                                                                                Amount

Public donations                                                                             $4005.70

Other donations                                                                                    00.00

                                                           Beginning balance                    364.03

                                                           Total funds available            $4,369.73

                                                           Total expenses                        4,369.73

                                                            Ending balance                      $00.00


It is with a twinge of sadness that we publish this final financial report. Both Maribel and me miss our Promesa Peru activity much more than we anticipated. We wish we could have found a way to keep it operating. Our thanks to everyone who contributed over the years to the success of Promesa Peru.


  1. I lived in Peru 40 years ago from age 10 to 14. I have fond memories and communicate with my grade school friends thanks to Facebook and the internet. I toy with the idea of taking a trip back now that I'm retired. I stayed with a family in Puerto Eten one entire summer and never wore shoes once. So many great memories.

    1. The improvements on the Puerto Eten beachfront has taken the village from a sleepy little town to a serious tourist attraction. If you haven't been there in a while you will be surprised. Thanks for writing.