Friday, January 3, 2020

A New Blog

It has been exactly 579 days since I last posted on this blog. The first post was over 10 years ago. Wow! Having returned to the United States in July of 2017 it didn't seem appropriate to post anything regarding my present location on a blog titled My Slice of Peru, and without actually being there I didn't feel tuned in enough to write about anything current in Chiclayo or the rest of Peru. So I just stopped writing. Anywhere. 

I'm getting older now, just turned 79 last month, and I'm finding that while my sphere of interest has gotten smaller in terms of world events, politics and politicians, celebrity activities, the entertainment world and business, my interest in people and why we act as we do has increased. So to has my interest in cosmology and philosophy. 

Sometimes when I'm relaxing in the back yard my mind is a million miles away, thinking about anything from the origin of the universe to why the chipmunks go to the neighbor's property to bury acorns instead of doing it where they find them. And sometimes I get the urge to write about these things. So I'm going to do it.

As of yesterday I started a new blog. I titled it Twilight in Northwest Georgia. It's not going to be about anything specific. It will be about whatever has crossed my mind and interested me enough to sit down at this computer and bang away at the keys. Anyone who would like to check it out is welcome. I'm going to let this Peru blog stand, until it dissipates into the ether. Because to this day I still get inquires about something I have written on it. I hope to see you at my new site.


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