Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished

“Mission accomplished”…those were Maribel’s words as we drove away from school I.E. 10043 in Puerto Arturo this morning at the conclusion of a fun Christmas party. We had arrived at 10:00am and by 12:30 it was all over.

As always, the clown was the featured attraction. The voices of 40 excited kids inside a classroom responding to the antics of ‘Milkito the Clown’ were deafening. Milkito did a good job of involving the kids and teachers in his portion of the activities. An outbreak of measles prevented 23 kids from attending. We left presents and food to be taken to them later.

After the kids had burned off some energy they were ready for the paneton, empanadas, candy and hot chocolate that are part of every Christmas party. They were also ready for the toys they knew were coming. It is always a pleasure to watch their eyes light up and see that initial burst of excitement when toys are handed out.

The faculty at I.E. 10043 are probably the most enthusiastic and friendly group of educators we’ve dealt with. They obviously have a good repoire with the kids, and certainly made us feel welcome and part of the family. Pictured left to right are Zenaida, Isabel, me, Maribel, Joselito (the school’s director) and Ninfa.

This is the 5th chocolatada Promesa Peru has sponsored, but it came very close to not happening. It was generous donations at the last moment from the Wednesday Morning Riversbend Golf Gals (thanks for coming through for us again, ladies) and the Greendale Monday Morning Weight Watchers Group that allowed us to go forward. A big thanks from us and the kids! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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