Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back In El Faicalito

In the previous post we talked about visiting three villages and the schools of two of them - El Faicalito and Eureka. Thanks to several donors we were able to return to El Faicalito and address some of the needs expressed by Norma Urbina, the teacher/director. We had alerted Norma that we were coming and when we arrived it seemed as if half the village was waiting for us.

We put some of them to work moving chairs and tables outside to give us room to work. Others helped to assemble shelves and attach hangers to mount the white board on a wall. Our guiding principle is, “helping people to help themselves” so whenever possible we try to get the villagers actively involved in whatever the project may be. While that was going on Maribel was handing out cookies and candy to keep the kids occupied. It was too hot to send them outside.

Ready for use…two shelve units and a white board with markers all ready to be put to the test. If you look closely at the whiteboard you’ll see it already has some letters on it. They read…”Gracias to Judith B., Chris R., Marcos and Saida. These are the people who made this donation possible. We thank you and so do the folks in El Faicalito.

We’ve still got school supplies and uniforms in El Faicalito and at the school in Eureka to deal with and will need more donations to do that, but today was a good start. Any day we can do something to help keep kids in school and give them an opportunity to learn is a good day.

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