Wednesday, May 28, 2014

To Create a Library

It was a fine morning in San Miguel. Because the sun hadn’t yet broken through the clouds there was still a faint hint of coolness in the air and that feeling of ‘freshness’ I’ve come to associate with desert villages. The air probably isn’t any purer or freer from odor than Chiclayo’s air but I’ll settle for the illusion.

One of the reasons we were there was to deliver a CD player and five CDs to the kinder school; something we’d promised to do during a previous visit. The teachers were appreciative and promptly plugged it in to try it out. It was fun to watch the kids marching and singing to the music. Jamie, who is a volunteer teacher, took the opportunity to give the kids a Marinera dance lesson.  

The other reason for our visit was to continue discussion about plans for a new library with Guadalupe Gallardo, the director of the primary school. We had talked with her about the concept previously. There is an unused classroom that would make a very serviceable library but it needs some work. We were happy to see that the room had been emptied of unserviceable items (clutter) and that some plastering and painting had already been done by members of the parent’s association sometime after our last visit. During this visit the room was being used to inform the students about earthquake procedures.

Structurally the room is solid. There are three windows that need extensive glass panel replacement, and probably should have protective metal screening to prevent further breakage. Guadalupe has put together a four-page project plan that calls for the parent’s association to deal with the physical room issues, and asks for book donations from former students and community members. To equip the room she lists a whiteboard, six tables, twelve chairs, three book shelves, and “if possible” a computer. There is a carpenter in nearby Picsi who makes furniture for classrooms, and Guadalupe is waiting for his price quote. She has asked for whatever assistance Promesa Peru can offer in equipping the room.

In her project plan Guadalupe in part justifies the need for a library by saying that, “…the library is necessary not only for information, but more importantly to foster an interest in reading and literature.” We couldn’t agree more and want to help her with this project. As always, we need your assistance to do that. Please visit the Promesa Peru webpage to donate. Any amount will help.

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