Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There’s something in the Air……

…..and it ain’t perfume. It’s been about two weeks since trash has been collected in Chiclayo. The problem as I understand it goes back to the arrest of the ex mayor and other city officials. There is no one authorized to sign checks (meaning a signature officially on record at the banks) for the trash collectors to get paid. At least that’s the story from the trash collectors. City residents have a different explanation. They say that the former mayor and his cohorts have taken all the money so there are no funds to pay the workers.

Whatever the truth, residents have taken to depositing trash in the middle of intersections in an attempt to force the city to take action. The Agency for Assessment and Environmental Control (OEFA) in Lima has apparently been in contact with Chiclayo officials urging them to get the issue resolved before it becomes a health hazard. It may not have reached that stage yet, but walking the streets these last few days is certainly a hazard to the nostrils.

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