Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Chocolatada…..Plan B

We met with Rosa Lopez and her kids and some of their parents this morning to discuss the status of the hoped-for joint chocolatada for two pronoeis in San Bernardino.

Sometimes we have to make some tough choices. It looks like there will not be enough money to cover the cost for both schools, and space is also a problem so we reluctantly decided to focus on just one. We explained the circumstances to Viviana, the director of the other pronoei and promised her that we would try our hardest to give her kids a chocolatada next year. It was a disappointing moment for her and us.

On the bright side, there will be a chocolatada for pronoei “My Sweet Home” on or about December 17. Members of the parent’s association said they can provide chicken, empanadas, and the beverage if Promesa Peru will provide milk, chocolate and sweetbread (panet√≤ne). That we can do…. those three items cost $57. What is still uncertain is if there will be toys and a clown. Rosa now has 28 kids in her class. If we can find $5 toys, that would be $140. A clown is $75, and transport would be $70. So our portion of the cost would be $342. We have $115. We’re only short $227. If we have to we can go without the clown, but that would be a shame.

If you’re able to donate to the San Bernardino chocolatada, please visit the Promesa Peru webpage. Thank you.

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