Friday, October 17, 2014

A Tribute to Special Education

Every year on a day in October special education is commemorated throughout Peru. It is done in recognition of the schools, teachers and the kids themselves. Today one of Chiclayo’s special educations schools; La Victoria, held their celebration at the Beirut Restaurant. We felt privileged in being asked to help sponsor and attend.

Approximately 25 of La Victoria’s 35 special education students were in attendance. The age range appeared to be from 4 – 5 to late teens. The differences in cognitive ability were striking, with some seemingly only slightly impaired and others nearly catatonic. About half of those present were able to understand the directions of the clown and participate in the games. The others were less able to focus but seemed to enjoy the excitement around them.

The highlight of the day was when candy was handed out and the cake was about to be cut. At that moment the excited anticipation and laughter of the kids made them indistinguishable from ordinary kids everywhere. The highlighted phrase on the banner reads, “People, like birds in flight are different but equal in their right to fly”.

Our hats are off to these teachers. We have no doubt that the patience and loving care we saw them display toward the kids on this day happens every day at the special education school of La Victoria. In our view the kids and the teachers are special.

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