Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Bad Day for Beto

There are some days when just nothing goes right. Yesterday was that kind of day for Roberto ‘Beto’ Torres, the mayor of Chiclayo.

First, he discovered that he finished far back in the mayoral election on Sunday, perhaps marking the end of his political career. But worse than that, after 8 days of being a fugitive on charges of money laundering, embezzlement and corrupting public officials, Beto was arrested in the town of Mocupe located 25 miles south of Chiclayo.

He was discovered in a two-room house on the edge of town, reportedly owned by a friend. It is assumed that living conditions for the past 8 days were somewhat less than Beto was accustomed to.

Beto had only $8 in his pocket when arrested, claiming to police that this was proof of his innocence. The absence of ready cash can probably be attributed to Beto’s overgenerous nature, as evidenced by the $180,000 in cash plus jewelry and clothing found in the home of his 24 year old unemployed girlfriend. A value has not yet been placed on the dozens of 'bunny' and other fetish costumes found there. Beto further explained that the $2,500,000 found in his Chiclayo home is not his belongs to his father. One wonders how dad likes being thrown under the bus by his son.

But on a bright note – a family reunion of sorts was held later in the day in a Chiclayo jail where Beto’s father, daughter, girlfriend and about 20 others were also being held after being named in criminal indictments as part of Beto’s organization. In contrast to most family reunions, this one was subdued. There was no singing or dancing, and food choices were limited.

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