Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mr. Mayor…where are you?

As of this writing Chiclayo’s long-time mayor and leading candidate in this coming Sunday’s election, Roberto ‘Beto’ Torres is missing. Police raided his home yesterday, and though Beto was not there, they did find three suitcases full of money – about $2,150,000 USD. Another $180,000 was confiscated from the home of a female associate. At least twelve of Beto’s associates have been detained by police for questioning. A judge has issued an arrest warrant for Beto.

Beto has always run on a platform of “my hands are clean.” His detractors don’t disagree, but add that his clean hands are a natural result of washing so much money for so many years. Perhaps the three suitcases were destined for the laundry.

What this means for Sunday’s election is anyone’s guess. Probably there will be stepped up campaigning by the other candidates. And who knows? Maybe Beto will win another term, and reclaim his laundry. It could happen. The guy is a proven survivor.

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