Friday, December 19, 2014

It’s always a good idea to start a chocolatada…..

…. with a clown. People in villages like San Bernardino aren’t accustomed to organized events, and particularly to events sponsored by strangers so the atmosphere at first is always reserved. The clown quickly relaxes them, and when he gets the kids, parents and teachers involved in games and foolishness things really start to loosen up. Payasito the clown did a good job of setting the tone for the remainder of the time.

This is the classic chocolatada meal…pantone, empanadas, chicken and hot chocolate. The second course consisted of candy, cookies and orange juice. The kids knew that toys would be next so most of them ate at warp speed or gave what was left of their food to their mothers so they could show that their plates were empty. 

The reaction to the toys wasn’t what we expected. There wasn’t the excitement we usually see, and only a few of the kids took the toys out of the containers. Later we were told that most of the mothers had told their kids not to play with the toys until they got home and could share them with their siblings.

Teachers Viviana and Rosa had done most of the organizing including arranging for us to use the primary school for the party.

The Promesa Peru ‘crew’ included Maribel, Marcos, Saida and our newest member Yescenia. Yescenia had gathered donations of candy, used clothing, shoes and household items which were given to the teachers to be distributed to the villagers.

Three hours after it started the party was over. Mothers carrying leftover food, and kids with their toys returned to their homes. That was yesterday. Later today our crew will be returning to the Tùcume District for the El Pavo chocolatada. It’s going to be a smaller, less involved event. We’re curious to see how it turns out.

Thanks to Chris R, Amy B, Ray and Rose, and Graham T for making both chocolatadas possible.

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