Monday, December 1, 2014

You did it and we thank you

You did it. We’ve got the money for a chocolatada for both pronoeis in San Bernardino. It will take place on Thursday, December 18 at 2:00 PM. The primary school has agreed to let us use their facility which has plenty of room for the 50 kids plus parents, teachers and others attending. We’ve already purchased most of the toys and will soon buy the paneton and hot chocolate ingredients. The clown and transportation are arranged for. The Parent’s association will provide the food. Everything is in place.

It’s going to be a fun-filled and enjoyable afternoon and I don’t want to detract from it at all, but as we're buying these things Maribel and I can’t help but think of the 8 other schools we had to say no to, and especially the kids in the village of El Pavo, where we donated classroom equipment a few months ago. That village is's so poor and forlorn. If we hadn't already committed to trying to raise funds for a chocolatada for San Bernardino we would have chosen El Pavo instead. We spoke yesterday with the school director Amalia, hoping that a merchant or two in Tucùme might have donated things for a chocolatada, but no luck. This morning over breakfast we made a decision. We're going to give toys to those kids.

There are 15 of them…3 boys and 12 girls.  

This is a list of their names. The cost for a toy like those shown above is $7. If you'd like to provide a toy for Grecia or Kiara or Dayan or any of the others please visit the Promesa Peru webpage. That would take some of the financial burden from us and will give those kids something to treasure. Thank you.

*UPDATE* A very generous individual has donated the money to purchase toys for all 15 kids in El Pavo. We will provide panetone, candy and hot chocolate. El Pavo is going to have a chocolatada this year! Any further donations received this month will be held for activities in the coming year.

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