Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Return to Patapo

Today we were in the city of Patapo to visit Semillitas Kids, a pronoei on the edge of the city. We had visited the school last November and talked with Cecelia the teacher/director about what she might need for the 2016 school year. What she was sure of was the need for two storage shelves, and that’s what we delivered this morning. We had talked about furniture needs but agreed we would put that off until she had firm enrollment numbers for the March 14th beginning of classes.

March is here now, classes have begun and Cecelia has 36 kids enrolled. She had gotten an estimate for just under $800 for 9 tables and 36 chairs from a local carpenter. Concerned that that was too much money, she borrowed plastic chairs and tables from city residents and seems content for the moment with that furniture, though her face showed disappointment when we agreed that the furniture cost was more than we’d anticipated.

Promesa Peru’s investment for the storage shelves plus transportation came to $53.13. We haven’t closed the doors yet. It may be that at some future date we’ll be talking with Cecelia again about furniture. For now things are good at Semillitas Kids in Patapo.

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