Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Making Things Right in Las Salinas Norte

Last September Promesa Peru donated storage shelves and a gas stove and tank to the primary school in Las Salinas Norte. As we were leaving, director Patricia and long-time professor Presentacion asked if we would consider donating uniforms for the kids. We declined. Our reasoning was that we had just made a donation to the school, and all 24 students were wearing what loosely resembled the official school uniform. We saw that most of the uniforms were ragged and threadbare. We knew that most families couldn’t afford to replace those uniforms. Still, we said no.

That decision made last September has bothered all of us these past 6 months. We phoned Patricia last week to see how things are going. She has 28 students this semester, 14 in primary and 14 in a new kinder that the office of education in Tùcume added to the existing facility. She asked if there were any possibility for sport uniforms this year, and that is why we with our seamstress were in Las Salinas Norte this morning. We have the opportunity to correct a bad decision and we’re going to do it.

While the seamstress was taking measurements Maribel and I toured the grounds. This photo is what the kitchen looked like prior to our donations last September. There were three walls and a partial roof. They cooked on a small wood fire.

This is the kitchen now. There is a full roof, four walls and a heavy metal door to secure the kitchen equipment. Patricia used part of her annual budget to complete the kitchen; a project spurred by our donation. Two mothers were doing the cooking (rice is in the pot on the left and a fish-potato mixture in the other pot), and afterward washed pots and dishes. All of the village mothers take turns with kitchen responsibility. Judging by the way they routinely did everything it is obvious that the kitchen has been in use for some time. It is always rewarding to see items we donated in use and serving a purpose.

Unlike other school related costs, our seamstress held her price from last year. Twenty eight uniforms including pants, t-shirt and jacket will cost $541.82. Transportation will add another $30. We have $200 we can apply to this project. We’re short $370. We really need help to get this done. Please visit the Promesa Peru website if you can help us.

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