Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Present for the Village of Los Sanchez

Last April 19 we completely outfitted the new Pronoei in Los Sanchez with physical furnishings. What we didn’t provide was teaching aids. The teacher, Karina has been getting by with a few notebooks and pencils bought with her own money along with government provided text books. That situation improved this morning when we presented Karina and the kids with puzzles, coloring books and crayons, reading books and tangrams, all with educational themes tailored to 3 to 5 year olds. For the kids the icing on the cake was a few inexpensive plastic toys that light up.

This was not a Promesa Peru project. It was the result of a generous unsolicited donation we received with instructions to use it for Los Sanchez. Karina asked us to extend her heartfelt thanks from her and the kids to “Señor Clif Brown”.
On a related matter, on May 3 we and a delegation from Los Sanchez meet with the mayor of Tùcume to explore possibilities for building a pronoei in the village. The mayor asked Karina to submit a letter of solicitation formally requesting that a school be constructed, which she did. Nothing has happened since then.  We are told that many people are dissatisfied with the mayor’s lack of activity and are pushing for a recall. It is not likely that the Los Sanchez request will be receiving government attention anytime soon.
On July 19 we published a post asking for donations for the pronoei in Surupampa. We’re happy to report that we have the funds for that project and have purchased the teaching aids, whiteboard, chairs, and storage shelves. Maribel was able to locate two 3-shelf models that cost considerably less than 5-shelf units.

Thanks to an additional donation by the Alice Cool Foundation we’ll be supplying 4 tables and 16 chairs to the pronoei instead of 3 and 12. The new road to the village is bringing more families to the area and soon the additional seating will be needed. We opted to buy the metal chairs manufactured in Lima. It’s been a good experience so far. The manufacturer called us when the truck was loaded, and the chairs arrived at our door last Monday as promised. The chairs are incredibly strong and should see many years of service.

The 4 wood tables should be ready by Friday. We hope to be in Surupampa early next week. We’re eager to see what the pronoei will look like when it’s furnished as a real classroom.

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