Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Very Special Day in Tùcume Viejo

In August of 2014 Promesa Peru made its first donation in the Tùcume District to the primary/secondary school in Tùcume Viejo. Since that time we’ve donated to 20 separate projects in 16 different Tùcume District villages, but were still surprised when we received an invitation to attend the inauguration of the new school yesterday in Tùcume Viejo. The old school had been completely demolished and in its place stood a modern four-building complex.

These photos show the same view of the main entrance two years ago and now.

Upon presenting our invitation at the gate we were ushered to front row seating along with the mayor (second from the right) and his staff and several officials from the District office of Education. There were about 300 people in total. There was a flag raising, a blessing, many speeches, and gifts presented to people associated with the old school. We received a wine caddy. After the formalities several groups of students entertained the audience with native dancing.

Following the dancing those of us with invitations (about 30) were taken to the school’s cafeteria for a meal of cabrito. After eating, Maribel and I were asked to step to the front of the room where we were presented with a certificate by the mayor and school director acknowledging and thanking Promesa Peru for the work we’ve done to help the schools throughout the district in the past two years. It was a proud moment for us…to have our work recognized by city and district officials. As good as that recognition felt there was an even prouder moment waiting for us when we left the cafeteria and stepped outside into the school yard.

Many of the pronoei teachers we had worked with these past two years made the trip from their villages to Tùcume to add their thanks and appreciation. There were Saida from El Carmen, Karina from Los Sanchez, Lucy from Moyocupe, Maria del Rosario from San Antonio, Gloria from Payesa, Karina Chaponan from Alto Peru and Amalia from El Pavo as well as several mothers who had asked to accompany the teachers.

It was difficult to stay composed as they held up their banners and cheered us. The other 250 people including the mayor had no idea what was happening but they joined in anyway.

This was a proud day for the city of Tùcume Viejo, their new school, and for Promesa Peru. We will remember it for a long time, and thank the donors who made it possible.


  1. very nice! I love that you guys wear your hiking shoes - just in case!!

  2. Hi Jim... We were embarrassingly under-dressed. Affairs like these here in the north are usually held in every-day clothing, with a few brief speeches by local low-level officials capped off with a toast. We did not know it was going to be formal, or that we were being honored. If there were one thing we could change about that day, clothing would be it.