Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A follow-up visit to the village of Los Roijas

There were some happy faces in Los Riojas this morning when we dropped off several items for the pronoei and primary schools that we were able to provide from donations received. Tangrams, puzzles, books, abacuses, drinking cups and candy bars brought smiles to the faces of the kids, while the teachers appreciated the storage shelves and the promise of other things in the near future, one of those items being sport uniforms for each child.

Our seamstress, who was with us today to take measurements said the uniforms will be ready in about three weeks, which is when the temperature should start dropping and the jackets will be needed. We’re already looking forward to delivering those uniforms and the remaining items.

A big thank you from the kids to Chris R, the Alice Cool Foundation and others for providing the means to help them, their teachers and parents.

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  1. Tom, thanks for the post. The kids look excited, can't wait to see them in their uniforms!!!