Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mission accomplished in Santos Vera

We were in Santos Vera bright and early this morning to deliver the tables, chairs and storage shelves we’d promised several weeks ago. The carpenter who we contract with to supply tables in the Tùcume area villages did his typical quality work and has kept his price at $22.95 per table. We usually come in at or under our budget estimate , which for this project was $184.70 including transport, but this time the chairs and storage shelves cost more…$3.28 versus $3.02 per chair, and $42.62 versus $29.51for a storage shelf. We hope that’s not a continuing trend. The final project cost was $214.75 including transport.

Cost aside, we accomplished what we set out to do…provide the means to help teachers teach and kids to learn. Thank you to Chris R, the Alice Cool Foundation and others from the director Maria Bravo Vera and the students of Santos Vera.

Santos Vera wasn’t the only village we visited today. We also visited Los Riojas, and earlier in the week the villages of Las Salinas and El Pavo. We’ll be writing posts about those visits very soon.

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