Thursday, June 18, 2015

Concerning the village of El Pavo…

El Pavo is probably our favorite village in the Tùcume District. No, not probably - it is our favorite village. There’s nothing there except a few houses, dogs, farm animals and the warmest and friendliest people we’ve met…kids and adults alike. Whenever we stop by, usually unannounced, we’re greeted like returning family. School comes to a temporary halt; the village women stop whatever they’re doing and there’s lots of friendly chatter. And when we leave the air is filled with people shouting the Peruvian version of, “Y’all come back now…ya hear!” And they mean it!

During the past year we donated school supplies, furniture and other equipment to the pronoei, and sponsored a chocolatada in December. Regular readers may recall that the pronoei was located in a private house, and that the owner wanted her house back. Our brief visit earlier this week was prompted by a rumor we’d heard in another village that the pronoei had moved.

The new location is one room in another private house, less than 50 feet from the former location, and contains everything that we had donated. It is again a temporary situation, with the understanding that the village must find another option in a reasonable time frame.

Some of the parents along with Amelia the school director have met with authorities several times in Tùcume to ask for help to find a permanent solution. They were told that the district has the means to erect a modular school building in El Pavo, but the village must provide the building site.

This large lot is in the center of the village, and the owner has offered to sell it to the village provided it is used for a school. Her asking price is 4000 soles – about $1270 USD. That figure is probably negotiable. This raises an interesting prospect. Could Promesa Peru take part in building a permanent school in El Pavo by helping with the land purchase?

There are a lot of issues to consider and explore before we would seriously consider attempting a project of this scope. For example…is the present land title properly filed and clear of any liens or litigation?  What are the legalities and responsibilities involved in community ownership of a property? Who provides and pays for electricity and property taxes if any? Who maintains the property including building and lot? Will Tùcume authorities provide some sort of assurance that they will erect the school and in a reasonable time frame if the building site is provided? Will restrooms and a water connection be included?

Realistically there is little chance that we will get involved with this situation, but without help there is little chance that the El Pavo pronoei will ever have a stable home. Providing the means for a permanent school would be a worthwhile and rewarding accomplishment. It’s an intriguing thought that for the time being we’ll keep on the back burner. Who knows what the future may hold?

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  1. Tom, very interesting idea and I encourage you to to look into this further. What an opportunity to be of service and assist this community.