Monday, December 19, 2016

A good time at the Los Bances and Alto Peru chocolatadas

We didn’t miss a beat this morning when our transport phoned 30 minutes before our scheduled 9:00 AM departure to tell us that he couldn’t make it. Living in Chiclayo you learn that things like that are normal. Two days before we had discussed that possibility and had plan B and plan C in place if necessary. Plan B worked just fine.

Our first stop was Alto Peru where we unloaded all the items for their chocolatada including the entertainers, and then proceeded to Los Bances where Martha, the kids and parents were waiting for us. The classroom is so small that there was barely room for the things we brought. The chocolatada meal was to be eaten in some other location. We stayed just long enough for the parents and kids to see and appreciate the items we delivered, and to listen to some speeches. The good news is that Martha will have a different, larger classroom next year for her 20 students. When she asked about the possibility of Promesa Peru helping with some additional furniture we told her to call us when the new term begins next March.

On our way out Martha presented us with a live turkey on behalf of the parents association in appreciation for our earlier donations and the chocolatada. That is a kingly gift in Peru, where a live mature turkey sells for a minimum of $40. On the combi ride back to Chiclayo the turkey was mostly tranquil; peeping only occasionally. The other passengers didn’t pay any attention to it.

The cost for the Los Bances chocolatada was:

Toys - $23.47
Paneton – 29.33
Candy – 20.41
Transportation – 12.48
Total - $85.69

Back at Alto Peru everything had been unpacked and organized. The ‘Chikidalinas’ entertained for an hour. Perhaps it was because there were more of them, but these kids were even more energetic than those at El Carmen last Friday.

As usual the men and older villagers did not attend, but many of them could be seen watching from a distance. And some were seemingly not interested at all; just going about their normal business.

The traditional meal was served after the entertainers had finished. The chicken had an especially delicious flavor to it. I’m told the flavor came from a special marinade.

The kids were a bit reserved when receiving their toys. We suspect that was because their mothers had told them to conduct themselves properly. We’ve noticed that discipline in these remote villages is a concept that is strongly enforced and followed.

The Alto Peru chocolatada cost:

Toys - $110.00
Paneton – 33.83
Candy – 11.77
Entertainment – 52.86
Transport – 30.25
Total - $238.71

Both the Los Bances and Alto Peru chocolatadas were made possible by Chris Raupe, “a friend in America”, Amy Brown, Denny Wallette and others. Thank you.

The completion of these chocolatadas today will mark the end of Promesa Peru’s activities for this year. It’s been a good year. We’re looking forward to 2017.


  1. Tom, wonderful post and congratulations on a job well done. What a successful year Promesa Peru had in 2016, please keep up the great work!! I think you should name your turkey Rogers. Make sure you let us know what happens to him in your next post.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, however you will be punished on Sunday for suggesting that the turkey be named Rogers. Besides, the turkey already has been named Pablo the Pavo, and a post will be coming soon.