Saturday, December 10, 2016

December´s first chocolatada went very well

I hadn’t realized how poor the neighborhood of San Francisco, Campodonico here in Chiclayo really is until I took the time to walk around it this morning while the women were setting up for the chocolatada. It is one of several areas in the city that visitors would probably label as a slum.

When we arrived at 10:00 AM little preparation had been done.  When our taxi arrived a bust of activity took place, with mothers and kids coming from all directions, most bringing plates, chairs and other things with them. We later learned that they were not sure we would really come, and didn´t want to disappoint the kids if we didn´t show up. Their doubts quickly disappeared when we took the candy, panetone and toys out of the bags.

We had to leave before the toys were distributed and the traditional chocolatada meal was served, but not before taking photos and receiving the appreciation of mothers and kids. There was not room in the small building for a group photo including everyone, and it was too hot outside. This was a happy group of people, and we think this chocolatada is going to last far into the afternoon. They will enjoy and remember it for a long time.

The cost of this project was:
Panetone - $29.33
Candy – 20.41
Toys – 86.26 (21 toys at an average cost of $4.11)
Transport – 4.49
Total - $140.49

This chocolatada was financed by Chris Raupe and Denny Wallette. Chris and Denny, an entire neighborhood in Chiclayo knows who you are and thanks you for what you´ve done for them.

Others folks have contributed to the remaining three chocolatadas this month. The next one is El Carmen on the 16th. Stand by for photos.

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