Friday, December 16, 2016

We knew this would be a lively chocolatada

Every time we’ve been in the village of El Carmen, the teacher, parents and kids have been enthusiastic and energetic. Today the energy level was at maximum.

The Chikidalinas are a mother-daughter team who have been performing at a variety of activities for a few years. They are very good at relating to younger kids in the three to five age range. They led the kids through dances, songs and games. The kids had never played musical chairs and at first didn’t understand the object, but when they realized what the goal was, and that a prize would be awarded the competition got fierce. Actually, every kid who took part in the activities received a prize.

After an hour, when the kids and Chikidalinas ran out of gas (it was hot in that room!) we all sat down to the traditional chocolatada meal…hot chocolate, chicken, empanadas and paneton. As usual it was finger-lick´n good.

We had to leave before the toys were handed out because the Chikidalinas had another engagement, however the toys had been unpacked earlier and every kid in that room knew exactly what was there and which one they wanted. There is no way this boy is not going to get this truck.

The cost for this chocolatada was:

Toys - $82.91
Candy – 11.77
Paneton – 29.42
Entertainment – 52.94
Transportation – 39.12
Total - $216.16

We want to thank Chris Raupe, Denny Wallette and “a friend in America” for sponsoring this chocolatada.

Monday we’ll be in Alto Peru and Los Bances for their chocolatadas.

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