Thursday, October 5, 2017

An update on El Cerezo

We have the money to provide the items needed to the pronoei Huellitas de Christo in the village of El Cerezo. Since informing Anhela Diaz, the teacher at the pronoei of our decision to help the school Magali has received several phone calls from village residents expressing their thanks and eagerness to see the new tables and chairs. Those calls from villagers are a first…we don’t remember that ever happening before.

Something the villagers don’t know is that we received a donation for the purpose of buying shoes, not only for the two girls pictured and mentioned in our previous post about the village, but for all 17 kids. In checking on shoe prices in Chiclayo, Magali reports that the least expensive shoes that are not ‘junk’ cost $9.26 per pair. We are $60 short of the total amount needed for the shoes. If there is anyone who would like to help us to provide shoes to the students please visit the Promesa Peru webpage.

We’re looking forward to Magali’s report and photos when all the items are delivered to the village. We’re not sure when that will happen but we’ll keep you posted.

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