Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Promesa Peru to Cease Activities

After seven years of supporting education through classroom furnishings and school supplies in Peru’s Lambayeque Region, the board members of Promesa Peru have decided to close the doors. Factors leading to this decision were excessive demands for Magali’s time, who is Maribel’s sister and the Promesa Peru representative in the region, and the difficulty of administering school projects remotely from the USA.

One example of administrative difficulty is that we have just now gotten the final cost numbers for the village of El Cerezo, a project completed October 10. The delay was no one’s fault...simply a result of a more complex system. The cost figures for that project were:

1 whiteboard - $52.45
Markers and erasers - $7.71
3 tables - $83.31
15 chairs - $231.41
2 storage shelves - $52.45
17 books and puzzles - $68.19
17 pairs of shoes - $166.62
Magali’s time - $61.71
Transport - $64.79
Total - $788.65

As of this writing Promesa Peru has $29.26 in its bank account. The money will be turned over to Magali to be used for a chocolatada (Christmas party) at a Chiclayo school of her choice. We will be publishing a complete financial report for the year 2017 when all the numbers have been crunched.

There have been many donors during these past seven years. We cannot possibly thank them all but do want to recognize in particular Chris Raupe, Clif Brown, Denny Wallette, and especially The Alice Cool Foundation who never failed to bail us out when money was tight.

This is a sad day for us, but we do have the satisfaction of knowing that we have helped dozens of schools and hundreds of students, and that there are people like those mentioned above who care about the future of a little boy or girl in a poor desert village in Peru.

Thank you.

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  1. Job well done. You and Maribel should be very proud of all that you accomplished. Thank you for your tireless effort of the years.