Wednesday, October 11, 2017

El Cerezo has got their stuff!

When Magali arrived in the village of El Cerezo yesterday morning with all the items that had been promised to the school, there were only five parents and the teacher there to greet her which is unusual because normally anywhere from 10 to 20 parents are anxiously waiting. The good thing is that those five pitched in immediately, some unloading all the items, some arranging the tables and chairs while others helped with assembling the shelves.

As always the kids got a kick out of the new furniture, and books and puzzles. The teacher, Anhela Diaz was expecting only pencils and paper in addition to the furnishings and was thrilled to receive those teaching aids.  

As much as the classroom furnishings were appreciated, it was the seventeen pair of brand new shiny shoes that stole the show. The parents knew only that Anhela had asked for the kids shoe sizes but did not know why. One pair of new shoes is one thing less to worry about for the parents in these villages.

Yovana was one of the students without shoes noticed by Magali’s during her first visit to El Cerezo. While her face in this photo didn’t seem delighted, Magali saw that she would not put down the shoes. We think that Yovana, her mother and everyone else at the pronoei Huellitas de Christo in the village of El Cerezo yesterday morning will remember that day.

These folks know who made this day possible for them. They and we thank you for your continued support.

Barring an emergency situation at a school, El Cerzo will be Promesa Peru’s last school furnishing project for this year. If possible we would like to sponsor a chocolatada (Christmas party) in December, or at least be able to contribute to one. Chocolatadas cost anywhere from $300 to $600. Usually at this time of the year we have a good portion of chocolatada money put aside. Not this year. After El Cerezo we have about $42 remaining. We’ve got 6 weeks to raise money for a Christmas party for an as yet unknown school. If you’d like to help us make Christmas special for about 20 kids, please visit the Promesa Peru website. Thankyou.

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  1. Chairs, tables, shoes all look great Tom. Thank you for helping the families of El Cerzo!!!!!!!!